Important Considerations


How do I dress when I’m meeting you?

I will always encourage you to dress discreetly and so will I as I mainly provide outcall service. I suggest dressing up in smart casuals during the day and an elegant evening wear for a night time booking.

How do you take care of your sexual health?

ACT laws make it mandatory for all sex workers to undergo health check ups. This said, I personally ensure i get a full health examination done every 2 months. I always practice safe sex and encourage the same.

How do I book you?

To me, privacy and safety are paramount and non-negotiable parameters of my job. I can reassure you, my practices and measures setup will not affect your personal or professional life.

Kindly fill out and submit the form and I shall revert promptly. Can’t wait to see you soon!

When does my appointment officially commence?

The booking time (eg: - 1 hour) will begin when I greet you, have a chat, have a shower, get down to cheeky business, and end with goodbyes. I suggest you bear this in mind while you make a booking (to avoid rushing).

What do you require from me for a booking?

Booking information is important and this goes without saying that I would like to know more about you while I anticipate our little rendezvous. I will require the following information for screening: -

  • Full first and last legal name, age, valid email address, contact number and address (If my outcall service is at your residence).

Be sure to be an early bird honey ;) I favour bookings with advance notice.

Can I buy you a gift?

Yes honey, of course you can! head over to my wishlist to have a look, you can email me gift cards here. Thank you for being generous.

Will you please send me selfies? / Can I see your face?

There are many providers who show their full face in advertisements and social media but I don't see myself doing so anytime soon. I will never consent to being photographed or videographed during our encounters. If it is of any consolation, my beady brown eyes, soft tempting lips and my sweet innocent smile will put you at ease. Book me now to fancy our date.

Do you accommodate in-calls /Can I see you at yours ?

For in-call bookings, please send an email to with at least 2days notice.

Do you see couples? offer group bookings?

Unfortunately, I do not provide this service.

I am more comfortable with you when I open up and talk. Can I count on you to spend some time talking to you amidst our playtime?

I am very friendly, warm and accommodating in nature. I would love to make you the centre of my universe during our time spent together. I want you to be in your element and relaxed which can mean different experiences for different clients. Hence, I am willing to go the extra mile to make a genuine connection with you to have and share a mutually pleasurable experience.

Are you an independent private escort?

Yes, I am. I work only for myself.


Mutual privacy and discretion should be provided, upheld and expected in return continually.

Gentlemen, The following rules are a simple guide to not only avoid misunderstandings and assumptions but to encourage you to be at your best when you see me.

Be polite and respectful. Do not use vulgar/ offensive language when making a booking or otherwise... Do not take advantage of my politeness to venture into my personal life.

Be reliable and punctual. Not showing up and even being late is rude, in any profession.

Please do not put me in an awkward position by trying to negotiate my rates/ services, or being uncouth, avoiding screening etc. Always remember, your manners, chivalry and kindness all speak of you highly.

I practice safe sex at all times and always use condoms for sexual intercourse. Please don't ruin the mood by demanding for unsafe services.

I only provide services which are at my sole discretion (I am comfortable with)

Note; I strictly refrain from offering a list of services in relation to anal play, natural sex, and BDSM.

Do not book an appointment if you are unwell, have any open wounds, pus, warts, skin lesions, sores, blisters, rashes etc . If you do so and show up to the appointment without informing me, this will be deemed as unsafe and I reserve the right to terminate the booking and no refunds will be made.

Kindly do not mistake my friendly demeanour as an invitation for you to overstay your welcome once our booking time has ended. Be watchful of the time and leave when you are expected to.

Email me giving an honest response about our time spent together as I want to ensure our upcoming bookings are just as sensational as the ones we had. (Feel free to type away details as I do not publish all reviews in my online footprint)

Anna's hygiene guide

I always take good care of myself and prepare well in advance for our bookings. All services are always kept professional. Before we meet I would appreciate if you would take time off and get a quick checklist of the following.

If you are new, here are a few tips you may/may not be aware of:

Preparing yourself:

If you have fresh breath and groomed nails, you are off to a good start.

Also note, when you freshly clip your nails they will still be sharp, so kindly give them a buff.

I would love it if you are manscaped, (Trimming your pubes can be your option too).

Kissing - This being an additional service, mandates a requirement that you have to have a clean shaven face (or a well groomed beard) alongside good dental hygiene and breath.

Before our playtime:

I shall perform an STI examination before any physical contact takes place. This will be done as quick as a wink.

Showering is a must for all of our meetings. An unpleasant first impression of you would have to be, you having showered eight hours prior to visiting me. You will have to take a shower after we meet. Besides, a bonus cheeky shower with me may be arranged, you just have to ask!

During our playtime:

I always prefer lube. Moisturisers, spit, oils cannot be an alternative.

If you are inclined towards the kinky side, no entry/exit (mouth, vaginal, anal) shall take place.

Post orgasms: -

It is essential that you have a shower.

Important: -

It is rather hard sometimes, to stay intimate and facilitate transaction agreements. Therefore, I like to get business transactions out of the way before any playtime can commence and then move on to some serious cheeky business without any interruption.

I genuinely hope these easy read guidelines help you prepare well for our booking. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

Deposit Policy

How do I make a booking?

A deposit is required in advance to secure a booking. Bookings can only be confirmed when this amount has been cleared into Anna's account. You will be notified with a reference number as soon as the correct amount is remitted into our account along with confirmation of your booking along with time and venue.

The rest of the amount is due (the correct amount in cash only) when you meet with Anna in person (due at the start of the appointment).

You could fast-track your booking by emailing us a copy of the transaction receipt and your photo ID to

Payments may be made on our bookings page. A booking is not considered secure if the deposit payment has not successfully cleared into our accounts.

Refund Policy:

We understand that 'life' happens and sometimes it may not be feasible for either parties to attend an appointment. And therefore, we offer the following refund options:

  • If you or Anna cancels an appointment with more than 48 hours notice, we will adjust the deposit for that appointment as a credit towards your next visit. If, however, no notice or less than 48 hours notice (relative to the appointment time) is given and Anna's calendar has already been organised, you will forfeit your deposit.

I highly appreciate a gentleman who respects me and my profession. With this said, It is essential to draw upon actions that protect me, my time, and my business. Therefore kindly note:

  • No shows, frequent rescheduling, and/or cancellations may affect your ability to secure future bookings.
  • We reserve the right to forfeit the deposit money and cancel your booking if you use the deposit money to reschedule our appointment dates more than three times.
  • If despite a confirmed booking, you do not inform me about your last minute ‘no show’ (not showing up for your appointment), not only will I forfeit your deposit, but you will have to make a full payment for that missed appointment before you can secure your future bookings.
  • Once the booking has commenced and if any problems arise (eg, lack of hygiene, intoxication, usage of illicit substances, rude and aggressive behaviour, etc) which compel me to leave at any point of time, I reserve the right to retain the full payment and no refund of payments will be made.

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